How to Open a Client Account

The first question you must consider is whether you need to open a client account.  If your business requires you to file notices of security interest in the Collateral Register on a regular basis, you will find it convenient to open a client account for it.  If, however, you expect to file a notice or request a certified search report only once or infrequently, you may not need to open a client account.  You may, instead, determine the fee by clicking the "Fees" button on the Welcome page, and make the payment to the nearest bank to account number xxxxxx.  The bank will give you a receipt with a number that you may enter once logged into the Collateral Registry website to file a notice or request a certified search report.
If your business becomes a client of the Collateral Registry, the account may have any number of authorized users.  At least one of those authorized users will be designated as the client security administrator of that account, which means that the user will have additional rights beyond those granted to general users.  Those rights will include the right to add or delete authorized users, and to update information about the client account (for example, an address change).  General users will have the right to file notices, search for notices and change their own passwords.
A client is responsible for the security practices of its users and for all fees charged for transactions by its users.

You may now Apply for a Client Account, or return to the Welcome page.