The kind of access to the Collateral Registry website that you need depends on what you want to do, and on whether you are going to use it to file notices regularly or only once or infrequently.

If all you want to do is to search for existing notices, return to the Welcome screen and select the ‘Search’ option to go to the Search screen.  In that case, there is no need to log in, and no fees are charged.

If you are with a company or financial institution that will file notices of security interest on a regular basis, the company or institution should open a client account, which will allow you and its other authorized users to log in to the website to file notices and to request certified search reports.  Fees for filing and for requesting certified search reports are automatically accrued to the client account, and a statement is generated for the client at the end of each month.  Payments can be made to the Collateral Registry through any bank to account number NNNNNNNNN. 

To set up a client account, return to the Welcome screen and select the ‘How to Set Up a Client Account’ option.  It will lead you to the Client Account application, which you can complete and submit on-line.

If you or your company will file notices or request certified search reports only once or infrequently, you can file notices or request certified search reports on the website, but you must pay the fees in advance.  You should first determine how many notices you want to file and how many certified search reports you need.  Then return to the Welcome screen and select the Fees option to view the fee schedule.  Determine the total amount of fees for all the services you want to do.  Then pay that amount to the Collateral Registry to the nearest bank to account number xxxxxx.  The bank will enter the payment into the Collateral Registry system and give you a receipt with a number on it.  You may then log in to the Registry website using the number from the receipt and file your notices or request certified search reports.