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Banjul ArchWelcome to the COLLATERAL REGISTRY at the Central Bank of The Gambia!

The Collateral Registry was established in 2014 by the Security Interests in Moveable Property Act. The law provides for the use of moveable property as security for credit and other obligations. It has also put in place an electronic system for the registration of securities created over movable property. This system can be accessed online or through a clerk at the Collateral Registry.

Collateral provides the basis for free-flowing credit markets. Having a comprehensive online registration system and clear enforcement procedures reduces the potential losses that lenders can face from non-payment.

To register a security interest, or deal with existing security interests, click here.

To search the Register, click here.

The Collateral Registry is headed by a Registrar who manages the operation of the registry and who is responsible for receiving and registering all applications. Applications should be made by notice. Such notice may include: applications for registration of a security interest created over any movable properties of any kind, amendments, releases, objections or enforcements on the payment of fees charged. Certificates are issued for each type of registration.

The Registry is a public database and can be accessed upon payment of a search fee specified on the appropriate form.

Besides registrations, the Registry also provides information on the existing securities as they relate to specific movable property including date of registration of the security, duration of the registration, names and identities of secured parties, number of securities existing over a collateral and the priorities between secured parties.